Turbolava floor scrubber on stone floors

Very dirty or porous floors (terracotta or stoneware) should be washed in two times to avoid streaks due to the difference in dirt deposits.

15 January 2020

This procedure can be obtained using our compact floor scrubber dryer Turbolava 35 Plus. It's an innovative scrubbing machine designed for daily or occasional cleaning of all types of floors in small and medium-sized rooms.

Its easy use, low weight and compact size make it the ideal solution for cleaning your very dirty floors.

With the turbolava scrubber-dryer, where there is the need for quick and effective cleaning, impossible to obtain with traditional manual cleaning systems, the floor is immediately clean, dry and safe thanks to the exclusive suction drying system and the 2 circular brushes which rotate at 550 rpm, the same system used by large machines.

With a minimum or zero use of chemical detergents and a consumption of only 640W, lower than that of a normal vacuum cleaner, you will get really clean floors respecting the environment.

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