Turbolava 35 Plus compact floor scrubber dryer

Light and manoeuvrable automatic floor scrubber dryer for domestic and professional cleaning on small to medium size areas

The Turbolava is an automated, compact hard floor scrubber dryer designed for small to medium-sized areas. It boasts a 35 cm cleaning width and dual 4-litre solution and recovery tanks. Equipped with two squeegees, one in front and one behind the brushes, it effectively cleans and dries floors in a single pass. Suitable for a variety of floor types such as tile, non-slip, terrazzo, vinyl, raised floors, and marble, this machine proves invaluable in both residential and commercial environments, including offices, shower areas, kitchens, and more.


  • Ergonomic

  • Compact

  • Safe

  • Easy to empty

  • Noiseless

  • Ecological

  • Resistant

  • Light

  • Manoeuvrable


Turbolava automatic floor scrubber drier assure a deep cleaning on any kind of floor with a double suction systems grant an immediately dry floor both going forward and backward up to the wall edge for a better cleaning and suction under tables and desks or in narrow aisles.

Cleaning  : the turbolava solution  tank is positioned  on the handle easy and quick to be removed for refilling  ,the solution quantity is easily dosed by a lever on the handle ,no electric keys  on it for a safer use. 

Brushes  turbolava Plus 35 floor scrubber driers  have two counter rotating brushes with two level rows of bristles  one with inclined fibres  ,they rotate very fast and are very effective  on dirty floors removing dirt even from deep grouts.

Accessories  : different kind of brushes are available for different use and floors , soft brushes for cleaning and polishing ,hard brushes for very dirty floors  pad holders with cleaning pads and microfibre and a carpet application for shampooing  , no tools are necessary for brushes exchange.

Recovery  :  dirty water is picked up by a 3 fans vacuum systems  in a transparent recovery tank easy to be emptied , turbolava Plus 35 automatic floor scrubber driers is the only one in its category with two suction squeegee  before and after the brushes this allow to have a perfect suction of floor both proceeding forward and backward. 

Deep washing : On very dirty floors usually never properly cleaned  with the mop you can pick up both squeegees for a deeper washing with to loosen  the encrusted dirt and going picking up dirty in  second passage .

Working  : Floor scrubber driers turbolava plus 35 has a 10 mts length  electric cable and an electric motor absorbing only 640 Watt of power , the electric voltage can be 230 -100- 120 Volts we grant the electric motor for 5 years.

Building : 
all turbolava floor scrubber are light but extremely strong and durable with aluminium frame , first quality plastic materials ,components  form better Italian brands are manufactured for a long service during many ,many years.

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Technical sheets

  • Working capacity

    500 sqm/h (5200 sq.ft/hour)

  • Brush Motor

    230 V.50/60 Hz - 640 Watt

  • Vacuum system

    Triple fan vacuum system

  • Working width

    35 cm (14")

  • Brushes

    n. 2 circular brushes or pad holders

  • Brush speed

    550 r.p.m.

  • Weight on brushes

    13 kb. (28 lbs)

  • Clear water tank capacity

    Lt. 4 (1 U.S. gallon)

  • Waste water tank capacity

    Lt. 4 (1 U.S. gallon)

  • Depression

    1000 mm

  • Power cable lenght

    Mt. 10 (32")

  • Net weight of the machine

    Kg. 18 (39 lbs)

  • Dimensions (body only handle excluded)
  • Lenght

    cm.51 (20'')

  • Width

    cm.36 (14,17'')

  • Height

    cm.29 (11,41'')

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