Turbolava 350 wire professional floor scrubber direr

Automatic compact floor scrubber the for professional areas up to 1000 sqm

Automatic floor scrubber for medium size areas up to 1000 sqm. with 35 cm cleaning width with a sturdy steel frame turbolava 350 wire is light ,manageable and easy to use a very simple machine for anybody use that offer a very good scrubbing with one rotating brush, it is the ideal machine for inside and outside medium size industrial areas ,warehouses ,show rooms , garage etc.


  • Ergonomic

  • Compact

  • Safe

  • Noiseless

  • Resistant

  • Manoeuvrable


Cleaning  : the turbolava solution  tank is positioned  on the body of the machine to grant the  right pressure on the cleaning brush.

Brushes:  automatic scrubber turbolava 350 wire has a rotating brush with effective bristles to remove easily dirt from any hard floor ,the rotation help the machine movement.

Accessories  : different kind of brushes are available for different use on any  floor ,  no tools are necessary for brushes exchange.

Recovery  :  dirty water is picked up by a vacuum motor in a 16 lts capacity tank easy to be emptied. 

Deep washing : if necessary  for very dirty floors usually manually cleaned is possible to switch off the suction motor for a deeper scrubbing   to loosen  the encrusted dirt and after that recovery in a second passage. 

Working  : Floor scrubber driers turbolava 350 WIRE have a very strong and reliable brush and vacuum motors  at 100-120- 230 volts    , the electric rod is 10 mts long. 

Building :  all turbolava floor scrubber are light but extremely strong and durable with  steel frame that do not have problem even with aggressive detergent  and  first quality plastic materials ,components  form better Italian brands are manufactured for a long service during many ,many years.

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Technical sheets

  • Floor area cleans

    900 mq/h

  • Cleaning width

    350 mm

  • Squegee width

    560 mm

  • Brushes

    1x350 W

  • Brushes Motor

    1x200 W 24

  • Brushes pression

    25 Kg

  • Vacuum motor

    1x350 W 24 V 1 S 1100mm H²O 2 stages

  • Motor driven forward and backward

    Semi automatic

  • Water Tanks clear/dirt

    13L /16lt

  • Weight

    40 kg

  • Dimensions: lenght x width x height

    620x500x400 mm

  • Autonomy

    50 min

  • Batteries

    2 x 12 C 18 Ah