Turbolava 430 compact

Innovative, electric floor scrubber drier for cleaning surfaces up to 1600 sqm

A new concept in compact automatic floor scrubbers, the Turbolava 430 is easy to manoeuvre and quiet. With a cleaning width of 43 cm, this simple but effective machine uses just one motor to move the three fan turbines for excellent suctioning of dirty water. It’s perfect for daily cleaning of any working areas, such as showrooms, garages, schools, gyms, hospitals, nurseries and supermarkets.


  • Ergonomic

  • Safe

  • Easy to empty

  • Noiseless

  • Ecological

  • Resistant

  • Manoeuvrable


Cleaning: The rotating brush have a speed of  180 rpm and with a pressure on the floor of 30 kg, the Turbolava 430 C  provides excellent cleaning for any kind of floor. The Turbolava 430 C uses one motor for the brush  anda powerful suction motor  to recover dirty water, it providess cleaning in tight spaces and edge to edge.

For very dirty floors, you can lift  squeegee to allow the scrubbing brushes to provide a deeper clean and to loosen ground-in dirt. Then, replace the squeegees and dry the floors.

Accessories: We offer different kinds of brushes and pads for the best results on any floor surface. We also offer a detergent measuring system to help you use less cleaning solution.

Capacity: The Turbolava 430  detergent tank holds up to 45 litres, and the waste water tank holds 45 litres.

Manufacturing: All Turbolava floor scrubbers are light but extremely strong and durable with an aluminium frame, top quality plastics, and other components from the best Italian brands, which means they are manufactured to last many, many years.

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Technical sheets

  • Floor Area Cleans

    m2/h 1600

  • Cleaning Width

    mm 430

  • Squeegee Width

    mm 750

  • Brush

    ø / mm 1 x 430

  • Brush Motor

    W / V 1× 400 24 V 

  • Vacuum Motor / Vacuum Power

    W / V  1× 480  24 V 

  • Drive Motor

    W / V Semiautomatica

  • Weight on the brush

    Kg 30

  • Solution / Recovery Tanks

    2 x  45 Lt

  • Net Weight

    Kg 67

  • Gross Weight

    Kg 90

  • Autonomy

     h 3,5

  • Dimensions

    mm 1100x480x1090