2800 s.steel - Vacuum

Dry steam cleaning machine ,boiler power of 2800 watts, with or without vacuum

with continuous refilling system, equipped with multiple safety devices; CE and PED 97/23 certified ; ETL certified for North America.


  • Compact

  • Safe

  • Noiseless

  • Ecological

  • Resistant

  • Light

  • Technologically advanced

Description 2800 S.S. - 2800 vacuum  Turbolava 2800 portable steam cleaner for professional use eject low moisture steam with less than 6% of water  at 155 C° temperature and 6 bars pressure for deep cleaning, degrease and disinfect quickly and avoid the use of chemicals.

Remove dirt and grease arriving in hidden slots  without using large quantities of water, and you can use a wide range of accessories,different tools and brushes for the best performance on any area or surface,, with the use of powerful steam is suitable for use in many industries, including food service, cleaning contractors, hospitals, restaurants and nurseries.

Turbolava 2800  has continuous refilling technology and issue dry steam  in pressure  and allow to regulate the vapor quantity, an economy key allow to reduce electrical absorption if necessary in domestic areas 2800 professional steam cleaner equipment is made with a stainless steel Aisi 321 boiler and professional grade heating elements.  The turbolava 2800 industrial steam cleaner is extremely durable for daily use and is available with ot without a vacuum to pick up the dirt on flat surfaces like bathroom tiles floors, walls, windows and tables.

Turbolava 2800 is extremely resistant   for daily continuous use, is available also with vacuum to dry up all the damp on flat surfaces  like floors, walls, windows, tables, textiles ,seats 

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Technical sheets

  • Operating pressure

    6 bar

  • Max steam temperature

    165° C

  • Steam quantity

    4 kg/h

  • Steam power

    10 kg/cal

  • Power Supply

    230V - 110V

  • Boiler output

    2800W (900+1800)- 1700W at 110 V

  • Outside Body

    STAINLESS - steel / inox

  • Injection pump


  • Vacuum motor on 2800 Vac.

    1000 W

  • Waste water tank capacity

    LT 15

  • Weight

    Kg 14

  • Dimensions (body only handle excluded)
  • Lenght

    cm 27

  • Width

    cm 32

  • Height

    cm 34

  • Low water indicator


  • Ready to use indicator


  • Indicator for water replace in the boiler


  • Manometer


  • Over pressure safety valve


  • Safety thermostat


  • Shut off of boiler due to refilling system failure


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