In this section you can find frequently asked questions about our products

Why should you use Turbolava for floor cleaning instead of a mop and bucket?
Turbolava scrubber driers are much more effective for cleaning floors when compared to traditional mopping systems. The combination of continuously fresh water with detergent, plus the mechanical action of two counter rotating brushes at 550 RPM is superior at removing dirt and marks. Dirty water is collected in a waste tank and the floor is left dry and ready to walk on up right up to the wall You will find that results last longer saving time and money. The machine does all the work, not you!

Why are scrubber driers better than other floor washing systems?
The Turbolava scrubber drier system removes the soil from the floor and deposits it in a tank that can be easily emptied. In other systems you will find that a portion of the dirt remains behind on the floor surface, and, then you must wait for the floor to dry before going to the next step. This adds additional time to your work and, as we know ... time is money. The surface is cleaner with our system if that is the only objective, or, better prepared for applying finishes if that is the next step.

Are they easy to use?
Our company's main strength has been the ability to create products that are easy to understand and to use. One simply has to fill the tank with water & detergent, pull on the lever to release the solution onto the floor through the brushes, and then, step on the foot release pedal. This allows the handle to be adjusted to the ideal work position. The machine then starts automatically - no button or switches. You can simultaneously scrub and dry or, if more substantial deep clean is required, scrub for a longer period then return to dry the surface. If you can operate a vacuum you can operate a Turbolava.

Are they robust?
Thousands of Turbolava machines have been sold around the world since 1978. They are used every day by professionals so it is important that we use first quality materials and components such as stainless steel, die cast aluminium, nylon, fibreglass, and ABS.

Which kind floors can I clean with a Turbolava?
Our machines clean every kind of floor: marble, terrazzo, tiles, concrete, vinyl, wood, non slip floor, and carpet. The Turbolava comes equipped with a standard scrubbing brush. A wide range of optional brushes - harder and softer - are also available. Standard pads as well as micro-fibre versions are available for other types of cleaning and for stripping.

Why should I buy a machine with counter rotating circular brushes instead of cylindrical brushes?
The Turbolava System circular brushes have a wider cleaning surface than those with cylindrical brushes so they clean faster and better. Again, the results are a savings in time and labour. Furthermore, the special design of Turbolava brushes, with inclined bristles, allow them to reach into the lower grout areas between tiles thus removing the normally hard to reach dirt