13-18 kw

high power steam technology clean and degrease

powerful vapor steam cleaners ,hot dry steam clean and degrase with small quantity of water ,equipped with thick steel boiler and multiple safety devices; CE and PED 97/23 certified ; ETL certified for North America.


  • Ergonomic

  • Safe

  • Noiseless

  • Ecological

  • Resistant

  • Manoeuvrable

  • Technologically advanced

Description 3 phase 13 or 18 Kw Industrial steam cleaners Turbolava are industrial  steam cleaners and  ejects  with professional tools dry steam from 17 up to 22 kg/h of hot steam at 185 C° at 10 bar pressure. 
  Powerful steam blast clean , degrease and disinfect quickly without spreading water around with the strength of steam in pressure if requested warm chemical or detergents can be ejected together with steam to improve its efficiency, grants deep cleaning where otherwise impossible with different systems. 

Cimel turbolava is a industrial  cleaning equipment with continuous refilling technology to work without machine slowdown, built in stainless steel Aisi 304 with a steel boiler that have protected heating elements  in steel Incoloy® 800. vapor cleaning systems steam generator is used for heavy duty professional cleaning in different fields, pharma industry ,food industry, mechanic industry, public transports cleaning on all kind sufaces arrive to melt grease and dirty even in hidden slots without spreading water, clean   on walls,floors  , machineries , tools moudlings without afflicting electrical elements.
  The electronic board with different lights keep you informed on the control panel about all functions and working pressure ,is possible to adjust steam quantity.
  Steam cleaning is helped from different professional range of accessories, reinforced tools and brushes to direct steam flow and scrub in any spot to clean walls, floors , machineries, work tables, tools and Cimel professional steam cleaner is suitable for an intense all day use without stops and is available with or without a vacuum cleaner suction unit to dry and pick up the dirt.

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Technical sheets

  • Operating pressure

    10 bar

  • Max steam temperature

    185° C

  • Steam quantity Kg/h

    mod. 13 Kw -16,5 / mod.18 Kw - 22,50 kg/h

  • Steam power

    64,80 kg/cal

  • Power Supply

    380 - 575 V

  • Boiler electric resistence

    Incoloy stainless steel 

  • Outside Body

    Stainless - steel / inox

  • Flexible hose lenght

    5 mt

  • Tanks capacity Detergent / clear water

    10 / 50 lt.

  • Weight

    58 kg

  • Dimensions (body only handle excluded)
  • Lenght

    cm 50

  • Width

    cm 80

  • Height

    cm 75

  • Low water indicator


  • Ready to use indicator


  • Indicator for water replace in the boiler


  • Manometer


  • Over pressure safety valve


  • Safety thermostat


  • Shut off of boiler due to refilling system failure


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