Steam cleaning machines

Turbolava professional industrial steam cleaners

Italian industrial vapor steam cleaners turbolava Vapornet eject continuous dry steam with low moisture ( 5/6% of water ) under pressure and high temperature up to 185 C° and up to 10 bars pressure according if single or three phase, for semi professional  ,  professional and industrial use break  soils ,degrease disinfect and sanitizes using a very small quantity of tap water without  using any detergent .

Boilers power from 2800 to 18000 watts; come equipped with multiple safety devices; CE and PED 97/23 certified ; ETL certified for North America. 

Different voltage are available 230- 110- 120 single phase 380- 208- 475 -575 three phase for a continuous flow of industrial steam from 4 to 22,5 Kg/h with high cleaning and sanitary efficiency. 


Turbolava vapor cleaning systems steam generator , also inject if requested detergent to improve steam efficiency if requested , 24 h of continous use without stops for water refilling improving safety and efficiency. 


All models have a stainless steel Aisi 304 body, and high quality stainless steel boiler with Aisi 31 or Incoloy® 800 steel heating elements and use firts quality Italian components .


Turbolava professional steam cleaners deep clean degrease and sanitize without spreading water, with or without chemicals  to solve cleaning problems in:

  • industry Hotels ,restaurants ,catering ,fast food ,food shops ,bed bugs control ect
  • Sanitary :hospitals, clinics,laboratories clean , disinfect and sanitize  killing bacteria and virus including coronavirus Escherichia coli salmonella ,H1N1 ,Sars and  .
  • Food Industry :machineries ,working surfaces ,tools , conveyor belts avoiding risks of chemical pollution.
  • Mechanic industry: moulding ,machineries, parts ,battery cleaning without spoiling electrical and elecrtonic  components.
  • Pharma industry : machineries and surfaces wihout polluting with chemical , marijuana factories .
  • Educational : shools, nurseries  
  • Automotive : car, cleaning inside and outside with very low use of water , public transports for inside cleaning.

We supply also personalized models according to client needs and manufacture on size conveyors belt cleaners and cylinder steam cleaners



Conveyor belts dry steam cleaning  systems

On design we realize conveyor belts dry steam cleaning systems to be used with machines ,for on site cleaning , without stopping conveyors and allowing time and money saving in maintenance , clean and dry at the same time with the belt in movement ,avoiding the use of chemicals-