How to clean with steam

It's well known that hot water is by far the best biological detergent that can be found in nature. This is because it's able to dissolve any kind of dirt, even from floors.

05 August 2019


The steam can sanitize the house, eliminate dirt and grease, without the need for additional products.

Cimel steam cleaning systems can be used without fear on any type of floor, except for glazed ceramic, this to avoid cracking the enamel.

In particular, machines are compact and reliable available from 2800 watt without vacuum to 3400 watt with or without vacuum 230 volts and 4500 to 6000 watt 400 Volts all are equipped with continuous automatic refilling system, this is an easy, efficient, yet very safe steam vapor system to operate and reach up to 175 C° with 7,5 bar pressure and if needed an injection pump that mix chemical with vapor.

Our machines are equipped with a wide set of professional accessories and tools for any use, they are ready to work in a while and can go on working for hours without stopping, are suggested for cleaning on a daily basis on commercial facilities like, ice cream shops, butchers, bakeries, fast food, kitchens, nursing home and clinics, industrial applications, public transports, car cleaning and so on.

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