Turbolava MAXI 40 Li-ion

Compact floor scrubber drier, lithium battery operated for professional cleaning on small to medium size areas

The Turbolava MAXI 40 Li-ion Italian made automatic compact floor scrubber drier is a high performance machine with excellent manoeuvrability in small to medium size areas. It has a 40 cm wide cleaning area, with a rubber suction squeegee and is powered by a small and a light removable lithium-ion battery with working time 1 hour working time.

Allow easy ,fast and pleasant cleaning operations without the risk of falls .

The Turbolava commercial floor scrubber machine assures a deep clean on any kind of floor – tile, wood, vinyl, safety flooring, non-slip flooring or raised floors. The Turbolava MAXI 40 is ideal for when customers wants a floor scrubbers to replace ineffective mops or other manual cleaning options in small to medium size areas, whether domestic or commercial, gyms, schools shops, garage .mechanics,swimming pools etc.


  • Ergonomic

  • Compact

  • Safe

  • Easy to empty

  • Noiseless

  • Resistant

  • Light

  • Manoeuvrable

  • Technologically advanced


Cleaning: The Turbolava’s clean water solution tank is positioned on the handle for easy and quick refilling. The solution is easily measured out by a lever on the handle; no electric keys are required.  

Brushes: The Turbolava Maxi 40 Li-Ion floor scrubber drier  clean two counter rotating brushes with two levels of bristles. Their rotation speed makes them very effective on the dirtiest of floors, even removing deep-down dirt. 

Accessories: We offer different choice of brushes for different uses and floor types,they  very easy change without grant the best cleaning results : soft brushes , stiffer brushes , pad holders with cleaning pads and microfiche cloths, and a carpet application for shampooing. 

Recovery: Dirty water is sucked in a transparent removable tank  by a three-fan vacuum turbine system. The Turbolava Maxi 40 Li-ion is the only machine in its category with a real suction squeegees under the machine allows a perfect drying on the floor leaving it really clean and dry in a  single passagge .  
  Deep washing : For very dirty floors, you can lift the squeegee to allow the scrubbing brushes to provide a deeper clean and to loosen ground-in dirt. Then, low the squeegee and dry the floors.  Battery power: The Turbolava 40 Maxi  floor cleaner uses a 40 volt lithium-ion battery, assembled in Italy, that provides up to 1 hour of cleaning time without losing power a quick change battery system give  longer run times with a spare battery.

Build: All Turbolava commercial and industrial floorcare machines are light but extremely strong and durable with an aluminium frame, top quality plastics, and other best quality Italian components components from the best Italian brands, which means they are manufactured to last many, many years

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Technical sheets

  • Working capacity

    500 sqm/h (5200 sq.ft/hour)

  • Brush Motor

    39,6 V

  • Battery

     Samsung Li-ion 

  • Charging time

    3,5 hours

  • Vacuum

    Triple vacuum system

  • Working width

    43 cm (17")

  • Brushes

    n. 2 circular counter rotating brushes w.slanting bristles 

  • Brushes speed

    550 r.p.m.

  • Weight on brushes

    15 Kg. (33 lbs)

  • Clear water tank capacity

    Lt. 7 (1,9 U.S. gallon)

  • Waste water tank capacity

    Lt. 4 (1 U.S. gallon)

  • Depression

    1000 mm

  • Net weight

    Kg.21 (46 lbs.)

  • Autonomy/charging time

    1 hour  / 3,5 hours

  • Lenght

    cm.51 (20'')

  • Width

    cm.43 (17'')

  • Height

    cm.29 (11,41'')

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