Easily serviceable,long distance and thin particles fogger

Turbospray ULV Fogger has a wide array of applications, making it one of the most versatile and powerful ULV Foggers on the market.

Disinfection/Sterilization: ULV Fogger enables injection of solutions to every corner inside or outside of any auto, truck or transit vehicle. Its small micron droplet nozzle that is adjustable provides for ultimate coverage and protection against infectious pathogens.

Application/Spray: Turbospray ULV Fogger can be utilized for the application of resistant and nutritional supplements. Also, it enables spraying of dynamic materials including water-based and oil-based materials while functioning as a humidifier and microorganism sprayer.


  • Ergonomic

  • Safe

  • Noiseless

  • Ecological

  • Resistant

  • Light

  • Manoeuvrable

  • Technologically advanced


Strong injection and ultra-low volume spraying function ensures the penetration and diffusion to fine areas:

  • Switch(On/Off) function
  • Control of solution amount
  • Air vent valve installed at solution tank
  • One-touch exchange of solution tank
  • Powerful Blower allows drying and air cleaning as well as administering solution
  • Adjustable 5-10 Micron droplet size
  • CE Approved  220V
  • 3 litre solution reservoir
  • Spray reach 5-10 meters

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Technical sheets

  • Droplets size

    10 to 50 microns

  • Tank capacity

    3 lts.

  • Weight

    3 KG

  • Blowing motor power

    1250 watt

  • Blowing distance

    from 5 to 10 mts

  • Electric cable length

    6 mt

  • Droplets size

    20 microns 

  • tank capacity

    1 lt

  • Weight

    3 KG

  • Blowing motor power

    200 Mha

  • Blowing distance

    50 cm

  • Battery autonomy

    4 h