Turbolava Maxi

Turbolava Maxi

Turbolava Maxi is the perfect mix of a floor scrubber and a dryer for medium sized areas, with the automatic, full recovery of wastewater. Turbolava Maxi cleans any floor surface in one single step, right up to the wall corners. It is made of stainless steel and high quality materials.

Turbolava Maxi is easy to use and store, very fast and efficient for a daily clean or a deep clean in medium sized areas such as health care facilities, clinics, restaurants, pubs, fitness centers, offices and retail shops. Counter rotating brushes coupled with an innovative vacuum system provide the capability to remove even the toughest dirt using a minimum of detergent.

Turbolava Maxi
comes equipped with pad holders, a variety of brushes for scrubbing, and pads that can be used to clean carpets. There is no better and easier system for all floor surface maintenance requirements in medium sized areas, whether they be stripping, scrubbing, or polishing.

Turbolava maxi

Working capacity 500 sqm /h
Brush Motor 110-120-230V.50/60 Hz - 640Watts
Vacuum system Triple fan vacuum system
Depression 700 mm ( 3,5 ft H2 O)
Brushes: n.2 circular brushes with inclined bristles
Pression on brushes kg 10 (22 lbs)
Brush speed 550 r.p.m.
Cleaning width 43 cm (17")
Squeegee 48cm (19")
Solution tank capacity Lt 8 (2 gal)
Waste water tank capacity 3 lt. (1 gal.)
Net weight of the machine 19 kg. (42 lbs)
Dimensions (body only handle excluded)
Lenght cm 56,5 ( 22,2")
Width cm 43 (17")
Height cm 51 (9,5")
Turbolava Facile 35 turbolava