Twist sweepers manual and electric for any need

Easily serviceable, compact to store, easy to push

Twist, manual push on sweeper, Twist is extremely powerful and easy to push : equipped with TWS tandem roller systems it sweeps up all dirt. The two adjustable sweeping rollers and side brooms driven in opposite direction catch and collect all dirt and waste into the large recovery tank mounted at the back, behind the rollers.


  • Ergonomic

  • Compact

  • Safe

  • Easy to empty

  • Resistant

  • Light

  • Manoeuvrable


Twist manual push on sweeper can easily pick up metal filings, nails, paper, leaves, beverage cans, plastic glasses ; corners and edges are not a problem; it can also be adjusted and set for different floor and surface conditions can be used event on carpeted floor ; compact to store even flat on the wall , light to lift. 

Drastically reduce sweeping times on paths and courts ,cottages and condos ,in conventions centers, parking lots ,workshops, production plants, for a fast and easy sweeping.

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Technical sheets

  • Cleaning width

    80 cm

  • Cleaning rates


  • Recovery tank capacity

    40 lt

  • Weight

    14 KG

  • Body dimensions

    80x70x34 cm (without handle)

  • All brushes made with high resistance material "TWS" System