Turbolava HILO 65 Italian ride on floor scrubbers

Innovative automatic ride on battery floor scrubber the for areas areas up to 4000 sqm

Ride on floor scrubber for large size areas with 65 cm cleaning width Turbolava 65 I- LAV is an innovative scrubber-dryer, that maintain the mobility and manoeuvring of a walk-behind, with the productivity and yield of a ride-on.


  • Ergonomic

  • Compact

  • Safe

  • Noiseless

  • Ecological

  • Resistant

  • Manoeuvrable

  • Technologically advanced


Cleaning  :.  drying in front of the wheels allows, especially in maintenance washing, to constantly drive on a dry surface, preventing slippage or accidental blows on cornering or braking.

Brushes : the use of a double brush ensures a uniform and excellent cleaning on various kinds of surfaces and greatly increases the quality of washing compared to a single brush.

Weight on brushes :heavy washing head (41 kg) are used for deep cleaning with layered dirt, and maintenance, is provided with an electric adjustment device of the load from maximum value (41 kg) up to zero. This reduces consumption in case of moderate dirt on rough surfaces.

Accessories  : different kind of brushes are available for different use on any  floor ,  no tools are necessary for brushes exchange.

Reduced maintenance. All routine maintenance operations such as cleaning and replacement of the wiper rubbers, cleaning of the clean water filter, replacement of the brushes are quick and simple ,thanks to the wide opening on the upper part, cleaning the recovery tank takes place without effort and loss of time.

Recovery  :  dirty water is picked up by a vacuum motor in a 80 lts capacity tank.

Deep washing : if necessary  for very dirty floors usually manually cleaned is possible to switch off the suction motor for a deeper scrubbing   to loosen  the encrusted dirt and after that recovery in a second passage

Working  : Floor scrubber driers TURBOLAVA I LAV 65   have a very strong and reliable brush and special vacuum motors  with AGM OR GEL batteries grant 4 hours minutes of real work  .

Building :  all turbolava floor scrubber are extremely strong and durable with  steel frame that do not have problem even with aggressive detergent  and  first quality plastic materials ,components  form better Italian brands are manufactured for a long service during many ,many years

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Technical sheets

  • Floor Area Cleans

    m2/h 4000

  • Cleaning Width

    mm 65

  • Squeegee Width

    mm 780

  • Brush

    ø / mm 2 x 330

  • Brush Motor

    W / V 1350 / 24V IPX3

  • Vacuum Motor / Vacuum Power

    W / V 520 3 turbine

  • Bruss pression

    0-To 40 kg

  • Solution / Recovery Tanks

    l 80/80

  • Noise level

    69 dbA

  • Net Weight

    Kg 70

  • Autonomy

    Ah / h 110 / 4

  • Dimensions

    mm 1320x730x1225