Turbolava Plus 35 Li-ion

Turbolava PLUS LI-ION

Scrub & dry in one single step, no electric cord got under your feet!

Turbolava 35 Plus machine is the ideal scrubber dryer for small & medium sized hard floors where you have to "pilot" between and under tables, desks, appliances or beds, and where bigger machines have never cleaned before. Powered by a lithium-ion battery, 35 Plus is very compact and light; with no cord, it becomes really amazing and pleasant to use, thus granting efficient hygiene when compared with mop cleaning.

Thanks to its high cleaning performance, it is the ideal solution both for a daily clean and a scheduled deep clean. The lithium-ion battery grants 45m minutes' continuous & constant high power. The battery itself is very small and light, without memory effects, very easy to be charged and handled by unskilled users too. Two inclined counter rotating brushes remove even the toughest dirt, with a minimum quantity of detergent; getting closer to skirting boards, 2 suction squeegees - in front and under t1he machine - and a powerful vacuum system can dry in one single step - forward and backward. The result is that the floor is instantly clean, safe & dry.

Turbolava 35 Plus is robust, high quality, highly performing, made to last.

A wide range of accessories are provided: brushes, pad holders, color-coded pads, microfiber pads so that all possible floor maintenance needs are met, from stripping to cleaning and polishing. If you are to do maintenance of floors in restaurants, pubs, retail shops, offices, fitness centers, nursing homes or have a domestic cleaning service, the Turbolava 35 Plus Li-ion will give you better results, saving time and money. Storage, movement from one location to another within the same site, or from site to site by car is not a problem when using Turbolava 35 Plus, compact in size, low in weight.

Technical features 35 plus li-ion

Working capacity 500 sqm/h (5200 sq.ft/hour)
Brush Motor 39, 6 V
Battery 11 cell Samsung Li-ion NMC
Charging time 3,5 hours
Vacuum Triple vacuum system
Working width 35 cm (14")
Brushes n. 2 circular brushes or pad holders
Brushes speed 550 r.p.m.
Weight on brushes 15 Kg. (33 lbs)
Clear water tank capacity Lt. 4 (1 U.S. gallon)
Waste water tank capacity Lt. 4 (1 U.S. gallon)
Depression 1000 mm
Net weight Kg.21 (46 lbs.)
2,9 Kg. (6,4 lbs) Kg.21 (46 lbs.)
Body dimension
Lenght cm.51 (20'')
Width cm.36 (14,17'')
Height cm.29 (11,41'')
Autonomy/charging time 50 min / 3,5 hours
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