Turbolava Facile 35 Li-ion

Turbolava Facile 35 Li-ion

The new automatic floor scrubber machine turbolava facile 35 Li-ion is suitable for cleaning in small and cluttered areas, ideal for daily or scheduled deep cleaning. It is powered with a quick rechargeable and light weight lithium ion battery, that allow full suction performances during 1 hour working time and many cleaning operations during the day.

Further, the battery-powered version can be smoothly used: no need for cables that may hamper your movements or extension cords and no danger to trip and falls in crowded areas.

The effective counter rotating brushes were studied and designed specifically to also clean with a little use of solution into the grout lines between tiles thanks to inclined bristles.

Further, a wide range of optional brushes and pads of different colour and material , quick and easy to install are also provided to clean at the best aggressive scrubbing on hard / industrial floors, no slip-safety floors; soft brushes for vinyl / delicate flooring; brushes for marbles or tiled floors; microfiber or abrasive pads to wash or polish; brushes for carpeting.

Turbolava Facile 35, is equipped with a 4 lt removable solution tank and with a suction squeegee a real vacuum system grant a complete, safe suction, on any surface of the contaminated liquid into a 4-lt tank . The floor is dry and safe with only one pass, preventing the risk of dangerous slips . Disguised as a household appliance is a professional, built-to-last machine, with aluminium materials for the base and chassis , turbolava facile 35 li-ion scrubber drier is sturdy and light, to use and transport, even when carrying up and down stairs.

Turbolava Facile 35 is excellent for floor cleaning , can clean all type of surfaces. both in domestic and in public areas such as restaurants, pubs, retail shops, food shops, fast food, fitness centres and many other locations.

We clean where the big scrubbers can't!

Technical features Turbolava Facile 35 Li-ion

Working capacity 1000 sqm /h
Working width 35 cm (14")
Brush Motor 40 Volts
Vacuum system Triple fan vacuum system
Vacuum fan speed: 10000 rpm
Depression: 700 mm ( 3,5 ft H2 O)
Brushes n.2 circular brushes Ø165 cm with inclined bristles
Brush speed 550 r.p.m.
Pressure on brushes Kg 11 ( 24 lbs)
Solution tank capacity Lt 4 ( 1 gal)
Waste water tank capacity Lt 3,5 (~ 1 gal)
Weight Kg 15,4 ( 35 lbs) without battery
Battery Li-ion 39,6 V 8,6 A
Battery working time 1 hour
Battery Charge time 3,5 hours
Battery weight 3 kg. ( 6,5 lbs)
Dimensions (body only handle excluded)
Lenght cm 48 ( 16,5")
Width cm 36 (14")
Height cm 26 (10")
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