Turbolava 500 EXTRA and 500 cab

Turbolava 500 EXTRA and 500 cab

Turbolava 500 Extra-battery operated and Turbolava 500 cab with electrical cord are professional walk-behind scrubber-dryers, ideal for thorough cleaning of medium sized areas. Both have a 50cm cleaning width and allow a cleaning capacity of 1500 sqm/h.

Turbolava 500 Extra and 500 Cab are equipped with a 24 V driven motor and large capacity tanks (45-50 lt sizes) that give high productivity; the on-board charger allows a quick battery re-charging time.
Our scrubbers are conceived to be strong and simple to use, and due to this ease of use and design grant a very easy after-sale service.

technical features Turbolava 500 cab

Working capacity 1300 mq/h
Cleaning width 50 cm
Squegee width 75 cm
Brushes 1x Ø 500 mm 270 R.P.M.
Brushes pression 25 Kg
Vacuum motor 220 V 950 Watt 1950 MM H2 2 STAGES
Drive motor 220 V 750 Watt
Driving traction Manual
Tanks detergent / recover 30 / 30 L
Weight 60 Kg
length x width x height
1100x550x1000 mm

technical features Turbolava 500 extra

Working capacity 1500 mq/h
Cleaning width 500 mm
Squegee width 810 mm
Brushes 1x Ø 500 mm 180 R.P.M.
Vacuum motor 1x480 W 1200 mm H2O 24V S3
Driving traction Manual
Brushes pression 35 kg
Brush motor 1x375 w 24v
Tanks detergent / recover 45 / 50 L
Weight whithout batteries 72 Kg
length x width x height
1150x550x1000 mm
Autonomy 2,5 h (120Ah)
Batteries 2 x 12v 120Ah