Turbolava 40 CAB and 43 WL

Turbolava 40 cab and 43 WL

Turbolava 40-cab and 43-wl hard floor automatic scrubbers are extremely robust and easy to use, powerful in medium-large areas such as supermarkets, large shops and factories.

Two models are available of the same machine: battery operated and with electrical cord; both models are simple, reliable, easy to use and to service with a high-capacity 30 lt solution and dirty water tanks. These heavy duty machines, with 43-40cm cleaning width, work with a single circular brush, also available in tynex, or with a pad holder, which both clean and dry the floors even in the toughest applications.

On the battery-operated model 43 wl, the two x 12 V 120 Ah batteries grant the automatic traction and up to 2-hours continuous work; the on-board battery charger grants a quick recharging, when necessary.

Turbolava 40 CAB

Working capacity 1000 mq/h
Cleaning width 40 cm
Squegee width 68 cm
Brushes 1x Ø 400 mm 220 r.p.m.
Brushes pression 22 Kg
Vacuum motor 220 V 950 Watt
Drive motor 220 V 750 Watt
1950 mm H2O
2 stages
Traction Manual
Tanks 20 L
Weight 50 kg
lenght x width x height
900x450x980 mm

Turbolava 43 wl

Working capacity 1200 mq/h
Cleaning width 43 cm
Squegee width 75 cm
Brushes 1x Ø 430 mm 180 r.p.m.
Brushes pression 35 Kg
Vacuum motor 1x4 80 W 1200 mm H2O 24V S3
Drive motor 1x375 W 24V
Driving traction forward and backward 5 km/h 200 W 24 V
Tanks detergent / recover 30 / 30 L
Weight without batteries 80 kg
lenght x width x height
1100x500x950 mm
Autonomy 2h (120Ah)
Batteries 2x12V 140Ah