501 st / 701 st

501 st / 701 st

Our compact and resistant walk behind sweepers are available for any different need manual, battery powered drive and petrol engine (Honda). Manual and electric version, are particularly suitable for indoor or outdoor applications in small to medium size areas

Model 501 and 701 ST are suitable for the cleaning of small to medium outdoor areas or highly cluttered medium-to-large spaces. It is ideal for the cleaning of surfaces up to about 2500 sq. m. Both models are equipped with an petrol Honda engine 2 4 Hp with a main brush of 550 mm, for model 501 or 700 mm for model 701 that with side brush give a total cleaning width of 680 mm and and 880 mm and have a 40 /60 litres debris collectors .The central roller brush , made-up with mixed PPL, give an effective pick up of dust ,small or large debris on ay floor ,the dust collector and up to 3 sqm polyester bag filter allow an high filtering result and also the manual filter cleaning help to keep it free of dust and always really effective

Technical features 501 st / 701 st

Cleaning rates 2600 m2/h 3700 m2/h
Cleaning width >50 cm >70 cm
Cleaning width central brush 62 cm 82 cm
Recovery tank capacity 40 lt 60 lt
Motor Honda GX 120 (2,4 hp) Honda GX 120 (2,4 hp)
Filter cleaning Manual Manual
Panel Filter N 1 x 2,2 m2 N 1 x 3 m2
Filter cleaning 1 35 W 12 V 35 W 12 V
Autonomy Unlimited Unlimited
Weight 77 kg 93 kg
Body dimensions 128x62x95 cm 128x82x95 cm