501 bt/ 701 bt

501 bt/ 701 bt

These compact and sturdy walk-behind sweepers are available in different version for any different need: manual, battery-powered and with petrol engine (Honda). Manual and electric versions are particularly suitable for indoor or outdoor applications in small-medium sized areas.

Models 501 and 701 bt are fit for cleaning small indoor areas or highly cluttered medium-to-large spaces. They are ideal to clean surfaces up to about 2500 sqm. Both models are battery powered and carry a main brush (550mm for model 501; 700mm for model 701) that, together with a side brush, give a total cleaning width of 680mm and 880mm respectively. Both models are also equipped - at the customer's choice - with 1 or 2 batteries, thus ensuring a cleaning operating time of 1.5-2.5 hrs and a working capacity close to 3,700 sqm/hr for model 701. The central roller brush, in mixed PPL, can effectively pick up dust and small/large debris on any floor; the dust collector and the up-to-3-sqm polyester bag filter allow a high filtering result; further, the vibrating electric filter cleaning helps keep it long-term effective and free from dust.

Technical features 501 bt / 701 bt

Cleaning rates 2600 m2/h 3700 m2/h
Cleaning width >50 cm >70 cm
Cleaning width central brush 62 cm 82 cm
Recovery tank capacity 40 lt 60 lt
Motor 1 x 280 W 12 V 1 x 400 W 12 V
Batteries n.1 x 12 V 157 ah n. 2 x 6 V 240 ah
Panel Filter N 1 x 2,2 m2 N 1 x 3 m2
Filter cleaning 1 35 W 12 V 35 W 12 V
Autonomy 2 h 2,5 h
Weight 71 kg 98 kg
Body dimensions 128x62x95 cm 128x82x95 cm